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Assisted Living Choices - Portland Oregon


        Choosing the right facility

Homeproviders Placement Inc. is here to help you make that decision. There are many times during one’s lifetime when natural developmental stages or passages are experienced: childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and retirement. Because of changes in roles and responsibilities, individuals find themselves either making or assisting in complex and important decisions about where they, a friend, or a family member, should be living. Changes in physical functioning, mental capabilities, life interests, financial situation, and social supports all affect what type of place is appropriate, and most importantly, where an individual is ultimately going to be content and the happiest.

Making a good decision regarding where one chooses to live is important and can be difficult. We, at Homeproviders Placement, Inc suggest that you not wait until there is a crisis to gather information. The best decisions are usually made without time pressures. Incorporating the help of friends and relatives not only gives one the opportunity to share the work of a search and move but also provides a ready support group to discuss what the move means to each of them. By systematically considering available choices, you can compare the strengths and weaknesses of various options.


Know the personal likes and dislikes

An adult foster home may offer a home-like residence which gives individual attention and care for one person but may not be the ideal setting for someone else. Sometimes caring for a pet or having somewhat of a semblance of independence may be what is needed for another.


Know and Visit the Various Choices

At Homeproviders Placement Inc. we are committed to making sure that you look at all the options from the point of view of the individual who will be living there. We tour each facility ourselves and obtain general information so that when we tour with the family there are no surprises. We pay special attention to convenience of location, visiting hours, visiting areas, food, types of care rendered, ancillary services, staffing, daily activities, religious activities, and safety/security issues.

assisted living choices

Quality versus Cost

We always ask questions about state or federal assistance which may help you. We prefer facilities which are Medicaid, approved. It is important to find out what the policy of the residence or facility is if savings or funds of an individual were to be exhausted. Also, they may have some excellent suggestions or alternative programs that you may qualify. Sometimes, the level or type of care an individual needs can fluctuate frequently or change, which may also need to be considered along with any other future needs.


Adjustment Period

Making a move can be difficult, even painful, especially in later life. The assistance of an outside party such as Homeproviders Placement, Inc may help with either making the decision itself or with the emotional consequences. Many times these life passages bring up both pleasant and painful memories from the past. Please let us give you the necessary support so you can have a successful move. Whatever path you choose, make the most of it.






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