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Senior Adult Care Retirement Living

Retirement Living is designed for those who are active, have few needs and choose to live in a community with other seniors.  These adult communities are typically an apartment-like format and offer organized social programs, central restaurant-like dinning, transportation, recreational activities and access to health and shopping facilities. It's a great place to develop some lifetime companions and friends, with card playing, (movies) Wii games and a place where you can share your hobbies and interests. Some facilities even have instructors to help improve your memory. 

This life style is very comfortable and most all your needs are provided within the community, including several meals a day, leaving time for enjoying your retirement living, which normally include a centralized outdoor area for enjoying the sunshine.  Most facilities schedule local shopping outings on a weekly basis, as well as having physical exercise classes and trainers to learn use of equipment.  Some of the more established communities also include assisted living, as well as memory care options within the area of the retirement facility. Outside your door, is usually space for telling others about yourself or let others know about your hobbies and interests.

Independence is the keyword here.  Retirement communities offer very little assistance in the activities of daily living.  When more help becomes necessary, home health is an option for one in a retirement community however, when the costs of home health outweigh the benefits, it is a good time to consider the move to assisted living



We can meet with you at most Retirement Living Community's in the Portland area and setup scheduling to view one or more, helping make good choices, and even meet for a lunch or dinner to sample daily food menus while touring . We specialize in Emergency Placement Referral for most all types of senior care


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