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 This home is one of a kind and located in SW Beaverton and really has no equal.

The feeling of having entered a beautiful resort in a rural setting sets apart this Adult Foster Care home. Aside from the sheer beauty of her home, she specializes in nutrition based meals and even has live chickens, and eggs, and makes vegetable fresh fruit smoothies for daily nutritional needs. Her fresh vegetable garden is hard to beat, with fresh everything.  The last time we were out she proudly displayed the extra refrigerators and freezers that are used for her lucky 5 who live there. (6 large refrigerators and freezers)  Unbelievable !!!


  She will even take "up-at-night care" since her staff works 24/7 to make sure that everyone's care is met at all hours, day or night.


 Her care is above and beyond terrific. she will even take the hard cases that no one else will attempt, and even those with mental disorders. (experienced with mental disorders)  Some of the amenities are :  Fresh eggs from her chickens -- Fresh vegetables from her hand picked garden - Coy pond from her panorama style deck overlooking the 5 acre property.  



            There is little more to say.  Call us and we'll make an appointment


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