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  My story begins with a mother that had a deep caring and concern for the elderly. She was constantly a surrogate daughter to some-one, even to her mother and father–in law when they both became ill with Alzheimer’s. When my mother was disabled by strokes and then fell  and broke her leg, I wanted her to have the same special care for herself that she provided for others. I took care of her in her own home for many years because this is  what she wanted, but


when it was obvious it was no longer safe for her to do this I had to look to alternatives. Fortunately, some friends directed me to a very clean, reliable foster home but I always wondered if maybe it could have been a little better, more suited to personality and interests - more like the home and family she had left. Sadly my mother passed away before I had the time to correct the situation
but I often wondered if other people were having similar concerns. That’s when I thought of developing an agency that would address those very issues. A place that would care as much about satisfying those concerns as the very family that is placing them. A service that will streamline the search to one or two homes that are perfectly suited to a loved ones needs, thereby eliminating fruitless hours of


phone calls and visiting homes not knowing what to expect My satisfaction comes in knowing we have done our absolute best for someone in finding them a home and the gentle hugs of appreciation that go along with it.



   HomeProviders Placement Inc  

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